MOLTON BROWN Aromatic & Citrus Hand Wash Collection

MOLTON BROWN Aromatic & Citrus Hand Wash Collection

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Deeply cleanse and protect your hands with the decadent Aromatic & Citrus Hand Wash Collection from Molton Brown. Made in England with the finest ingredients, the luxurious liquid soaps scent hands with uplifting, refreshing and unmistakeably indulgent notes.

Molton Brown Aromatic & Citrus Hand Wash Collection includes 4 x 100ml Fine Liquid Hand Wash:

  • 100ml Lemon & Mandarin.
  • 100ml Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise.
  • 100ml Blue Maquis.
  • 100ml Amber Cocoon.


  • Molton Brown is a London-based cosmetics house founded in 1973. Their products offer ‘well being’ therapies to help restore your inner equilibrium and allow your mind, body and spirit to feel at peace.
  • Finish your hand care routine off with the enriching ingredients of our luxury hand lotions and hand creams.


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