MALIBU Dry Oil Spray SPF30

MALIBU Dry Oil Spray SPF30

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Malibu Dry Oil Spray SPF30 is an easily-applied, low protection oil spray, enriched with vitamins, that has been clinically-proven to be kind to skin.

This spray provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays and is non-greasy, photostable and water-resistant.

Apply 30 minutes before and frequently during exposure to the sun, ensuring that all exposed skin is evenly and generously covered with lotion. Re-apply frequently if lotion is rubbed off.



  • The fast-acting formula is quick drying, and can be sprayed onto the scalp for UV protection without making the hair greasy. 
  • Clinically proved to be kind to skin.
  • With Shea Butter extract, easy to apply.


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