LANCOME Douceur Cleansing Duo Set.

LANCOME Douceur Cleansing Duo Set

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Ensure every impurity and trace of make-up is swept away with Lancôme Douceur Cleansing Duo Set. It features two full-sized toners; use Galatéis Douceur to delicately remove cosmetics and clean the complexion, followed by Tonique Douceur to refine skin’s texture, leaving your face ready and refreshed for the day ahead.

 Lancôme Douceur Cleansing Duo Set includes:

  • Lait Galatéis Douceur 400ml
  • Tonique Douceur 400ml


  • Alcohol free.
  • Cleanses your skin whilst softening and hydrating.
  • Cleanses skin without depleting natural oils.
  • Ideal for dehydrated skin.


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