ESPA Signature Blends Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil Collection 7 x 15ml

ESPA Signature Blends Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil Collection 7 x 15ml

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The Signature Blends Bath & Body Oil collection includes all seven of our renown pure essential oil blends. These Bath & Body Oils harness the power of aromatherapy to elevate each moment with sensorial connection. Re-balance the body, mind, and skin for holistic wellbeing.

Signature Blends Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil Collection includes:

Restful Bath & Body Oil
The Restful Blend harnesses the soporific grace of Lavender, Clary Sage, and Bergamot for blissful bedtime and a heavenly night’s sleep.

Positivity Bath & Body Oil
The Positivity Blend features Jasmine, Gardenia, and Rose Geranium to provide a burst of joy, while the vibrancy of Bergamot and Sweet Orange uplift the spirit.

Restorative Bath & Body Oil
The Restorative Blend- a comforting aromatic that soothes with Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender, and Palmarosa. Restores inner and outer harmony.

Soothing Bath & Body Oil
The Soothing Signature Blend features mellow Myrrh, heady Rose Geranium, and warm Frankincense. Sink into serenity for the body and mind.

Energising Bath & Body Oil
The Energising Signature Blend- an enlivening blend of stimulating Peppermint, refreshing Eucalyptus, and clarifying Rosemary. Fight fatigue and recharge the senses.

Connection Bath & Body Oil
The Connection Signature Blend features sensual Ylang Ylang, earthy Patchouli, creamy Sandalwood, and soothing Jasmine. These aromatics encourage closeness, intimacy, and communication.

Fortifying Bath & Body Oil

Features our Fortifying Signature Blend; a powerful aromatic with purifying Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to help strengthen and invigorate the body and mind.


  • Each Signature Blend complements your ever-changing emotions with its distinct olfactive composition. Blends that inspire your moods and treat your skin.


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