DECLÉOR White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Hand & Nail Cream.

DECLÉOR White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Hand & Nail Cream

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Enriched with Magnolia essential oil and Shea butter to nourish, repair and protect the whole hand including nails.

Decléor Magnolia Anti-Ageing Hand & Nail Cream has a non-sticky and non-greasy creamy texture and is quickly absorbed, leaving the hands brighter and more luminous. The skin is nourished and smoothed. Tugging sensation due to skin dryness are reduced.

Suitable for all skin types.


  • Approved by beauty therapists, with proven clinical efficacy.
  • Nourishing: soothes sore hands from tugging sensations due to skin dryness.
  • Repairing: takes care of the whole hands including the nails.
  • Protecting: protects the skin against external aggression's and helps prevent from premature ageing.


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