BYREDO Bal D'Afrique Body Lotion.

BYREDO Bal D'Afrique Body Lotion

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Embody the spirit of the Jazz Age in 1920s Paris and obsess over the euphoric scent of Byredo Bal D’Afrique Body Lotion.

Key notes of neroli, African marigold and Moroccan Cedarwood stir up vivacity. Intertwining with these are the softer notes of lemon, violet, cyclamen and black amber.  Bucchu, jasmine petals, musk and vetiver add depth to the fragrance.


  • The moisturising and gentle properties of this lotion enhance the already intoxicating experience of the fragrance
  • The gender-neutral scent ensures everyone can enjoy the addition of enriching vitamin E to their daily routine for soft and smooth skin
  • Paraben-free


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